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Meet our collaborating production team:

MARISA ARBONA-RUIZ:  Executive Producer, Director, Writer, On-Camera and Voice-Over Talent 


Marisa is a multitalented, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker/journalist with a an adventurous spirit. Her fifteen-plus years in media and global travel give her an edge tackling dramatic human stories, cultural diversity and sensitive subjects. She has a natural ease with people that results in intimate interviews among diverse walks of life; from migrant farmworkers to CEOs, celebrities, spiritual leaders, indigenous communities and world leaders.  Marisa strategizes and executes projects with creative vision, leadership and an eye for detail. A producer, director, scriptwriter and actor, her expertise covers documentary, film, news, entertainment, live events, programming, commercials, promos, and social marketing for both English- and Spanish-language broadcast markets. She also narrates with a smooth and resonant voice ( page6.html ). Marisa is former Executive Vice President of Women In Film & Video - DC and Vice-Chair of Communications for Women In Film & Television International, a global network of 10,000 professionals. 

Marisa began her career as a designer/illustrator and singer/songwriter. No surprise, when off the set, she can be found breaking into song and dance on random concert stages. She loves comedy, and singing and acting.

BROOKS T. MOORE:  DP, Editor, Voice-Over Talent

Brooks is known as much for his ingenuity as a technical director as for his extraordinary skills as both an editor and a narrator with a great voice.  Also good with a camera, he has excelled for two decades as an accomplished production leader in the Baltimore-Washington, DC region with extensive international production experience and for delivering high-quality, cutting edge projects.

From air and underwater expeditions to the Moche Indian pyramids of Peru, Brooks has covered the earth and sky to capture the images and stories of the world we live in - places, creatures and people from all walks of life. He has also executed all facets of production covering feature film, documentary, television programming, live production, digital multimedia, and commercials. Brooks has continuously garnered multiple Emmy, Telly and other awards for technically outstanding work.  "Divine Trash," a documentary about John Waters won a Sundance Filmmakers Award and the International Monetary Award for Best Achievement in a documentary. Brooks' distinctive voice  ( page6.html ) is regularly featured on Discovery and National Geographic channel documentaries. Not one to sit idle, Brooks grew up in the saddle and can't seem to get away from filming or announcing at horse shows.

MARI BONNEMAISON:  Consulting Researcher, Investigative Reporter

Mari's career as a producer, researcher and investigative reporter spans more than twenty years of broadcast experience in an environment where fearlessness, tenacity and accuracy matter. She honed her skills as an investigative reporter working with two of Peru's highest rated TV news magazine programs and as a senior producer and project manager for an international production company.  She gained valuable international experience by traveling the world on assignment with International Monetary Fund, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS, and the Inter-American Development Bank, and landed an exclusive interview with the late Benazir Bhutto shortly before her assassination.  Maris  Peruvian heritage and years of living in Peru, Italy and the U.S. give her a unique edge in program content development, story development and documentation.  She loves working on unique cross-cultural projects both domestically and internationally – but what really makes Mari tick is an aqua-marine ocean, a boat and scuba gear.

RAQUEL HALSEY:  Production Assistant & Community Outreach

Raquel is a dynamic, young professional who began gaining production, political and business experience at the age of 14, when she received a PSA finalist award with Women In Film & Video's Image Makers Program.  S
he became a summer office assistant at the Women In Film & Video office in Washington, DC. She has since worked on documentaries, PSAs and live events, and assisted with news coverage of the American Indian Inaugural Ball.  She has also appeared in new stories, in a PSA for the National Eye Institute, and as a student in Touchstone feature film Step Up. At 17, Raquel interned for Congressman Wynn, and by age 20 she became a staffer in his Captiol Hill office, covering community outreach and Native American, Social Security and Housing legislative issues. Committed to improving the quality of life for the underserved, she worked on education policy with StandardsWork and foster child advocacy with CASA for Children of DC. She is a student at Harvard University.

Marisa Arbona-Ruiz

Photo credit: Joe Henson

Brooks T. Moore

Mari Bonnemaison 

Raquel Halsey